Trekking and excursions

When we talk about Pietrasanta, the first image we have is that of its wide beaches and its calm sea. But directly from the beach, if you turn your back to the sea, you can see a wonderful mountain range which, in addition to framing the seascape and helping to make the climate so pleasant, is a fabulous area to be explored.

In a few minutes by car, you can easily switch from umbrella to boots and enjoy a fresh walk on one of the many paths that cross the Apuan Alps.

The beauty of our mountains is also that of offering the opportunity to be immersed in nature and discover unspoiled places, both along steep paths that will give you the thrill of climbing to high altitudes, and to take a quiet excursion in complete tranquility and safety. with your children.

The paths to follow are countless and there are various degrees of length and difficulty, our generous land confirms once again that we offer magnificent experiences to everyone.

You will be able to follow ancient paths through chestnut woods, you will most likely meet delightful streams on your way, you will admire dizzying rocky walls, with breathtaking views that range up to the sea.

It will be easy to find yourself suddenly in front of ancient marble quarries, prehistoric caves, mountain pastures, and landscapes that will leave you speechless.

We recommend you to visit the Antro del Corchia and you will be amazed , the "empty mountain", its interior consists of a 70 km path of tunnels and wells that make it the largest underground complex in Italy.

Just as you can admire the mountains from the beach, from the top of the Apuan Alps you will admire the entire Tyrrhenian coast, the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and the peaks of Corsica, which emerge on the horizon on clear days.

There is no ideal season to discover the Apuan Alps, indeed our mountains deserve to be seen at all times of the year, because they change their appearance in an enchanting way, from snow-capped peaks to expanses of daffodils, at any time you are the welcome.


The passion for surfing in Versilia

Versilia has been the capital of Italian surfing since the 1980s. The interest in this new activity comes from a group of young people, who have become increasingly numerous, who in the wake of the film "A Big Wednesday" have well thought of starting to ride the waves of our seas. A compelling story that of these guys who, as true pioneers, got the raw materials to be able to build the boards and without the possibility of learning techniques from any teacher, they began to experiment.

Shortly thereafter, the notoriety of this sport grew exponentially, as did the production of boards and the first courses were born.


Our sea immediately proved to be perfect for surfing thanks to the high frequency of waves crashing on the sandy bottoms and the Libeccio and Mistral winds.

Today it is possible to enjoy the show of surfers in the sea practically in every season of the year. In fact, the most daring do not allow themselves to be stopped by the harshest climate and with their wetsuits and the table under their arm they go riding the waves taking advantage of the stormy days.


On summer days when the sea is more "docile", you will find the best conditions to learn in complete safety, an experience suitable even for children. In fact, there are many surf schools dedicated to adults and children where you can rent boards and wetsuits, practically anywhere along the coast.


Anyone today can, relying on expert teachers, enjoy the thrill of dancing on the waves also because our sea, with its sandy bottom that slowly degrades, is considered a safe environment even for beginners.


Beginners, amateurs but not only… our schools have trained professionals who have distinguished themselves for their skills both nationally and worldwide.


In Versilia there are four main spots, or meeting points: the piers of Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lido di Camaiore and the pier of Viareggio.

This year The Nimbus Surfing Club of Marina di Pietrasanta has obtained the recognition of Fisw training center, Italian Federation of Nautical Ski and Wakeboard, Surfing section. The only reality in Tuscany and second in Italy.

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