In Marina di Pietrasanta you won't get bored in the summer months! The sunny afternoons, the excellent climate and the wide beaches will give you moments of fun and relaxation.

You will find many bathing establishments with different services according to your tastes, some with swimming pools, others with tennis courts, others with spaces dedicated to children. There is only the embarrassment of choice; all the establishments are equipped with every comfort, are easily accessible by car and therefore also suitable for families with children or for those who want to park their car and take a dip without too many thoughts.

Directly on the beach you will find bars, restaurants and all the services you will need. For those who wish, large stretches of neat and well-kept free beach are also available.

When the sun goes down, get tanned and relaxed, you will surely want an aperitif on the beach or in one of the many neighboring towns. The advice is to experiment, Pietrasanta will surprise you: you can go to classy clubs or sip a beer in an informal place, perhaps with the saltiness still on your skin, the same goes for dinner.

When the sun gives way to the cool evening breeze it is really difficult to choose, you prefer to let loose in one of the many clubs where you can dance until dawn, participate in a debate at the Versiliana café that hosts famous people every evening, listen to a concert at Villa Bertelli, attend a play at the Versiliana theater, visit an art exhibition in the historic center of Pietrasanta or let yourself be enchanted by the melodies of the opera at the Teatro Pucciniano? Choosing is really difficult, and in order to enjoy a bit of everything we recommend you to stay in one of the many hotels in the area and if you can "steal" a few more days from the routine of the heavy working days, we advise you to take advantage of it to fully enjoy the many experiences that you can do in Versilia.

If you do not like worldliness, even in the hottest months our land can give you moments of solitude in close contact with nature, you can take long walks in one of the many pine forests that line the sea or take some excursions on the Apuan Alps.


If your fitness is important to you, we assure you that you will return home tanned and more toned than before. In every corner in Versilia it is possible to do any type of sporting activity in open spaces, you can take advantage of the sea to surf or swim, of the the beach to follow courses in pilates, yoga or water aerobics, get on your bike (or rent one) and dedicate yourself to long rides in the plains or tackling the steep climbs of the hilly or mountainous areas.


Versilia is precisely that, being a versatile place suitable for everyone, young people, adults, families and people of all ages.

Main summer events in Versilia

“La Versiliana Festival” in Marina di Pietrasanta

Every summer in the Versiliana Park it is possible to attend concerts, theatrical performances, ballets, and debates at the famous “Caffè della Versiliana”. In the park it is also possible to admire works of art by world-famous artists.

“Summer at Villa Bertelli” in Forte dei Marmi

In a splendid setting surrounded by greenery, every summer you can enjoy musical events, art exhibitions and theatrical performances.

Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago

Born in 1930 to fulfill a desire of the Maestro, to listen to his works resonate on the shores of the lake where he had composed them. Since then it has been possible to revive the creatures of Puccini's music, in the incredible natural stage offered by the lake.

Gastronomic festivals

For an informal evening dedicated to good food, we recommend that you taste our typical products in one of the many village festivals where you can dine outdoors, perhaps in the middle of a beautiful park and then let off steam on the track. Suitable for all ages!

Art reviews and exhibitions in the historic center of Pietrasanta

Every summer Pietrasanta gives its best in the summer; the main square is adorned with statues of famous artists and in every corner you can visit exhibitions or participate in debates or even sip a coffee in Piazza Duomo and discover that a great artist is sitting right next to you.

Next events highlights

The Musical Thursdays of Sant'Antonio

From 01-07-2021 to 09-09-2021

The "Giulio Rospigliosi" Culture and Music Association organizes beautiful concerts every year

in the hall of the Teatro Sant 'Antonio in Marina di Pietrasanta Via Verdi 15

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Campagna di Mare, experiential talk shows

From 01-07-2021 to 12-09-2021

Talk shows begin in Tonfano open to all!

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Agora' Dating Space

From 01-07-2021 to 12-09-2021

The program starts with over 70 events at the Spazio Incontri Agorà in Tonfano.

From 1 July to 12 September meetings and shows of all kinds to animate the nights of Marina ....

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Light summer 2021

From 09-07-2021 to 25-08-2021

4 Important dates on the calendar !

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La Versiliana - 42° Festival

From 10-07-2021 to 30-08-2021

Rich calendar scheduled for the 2021 season starting from Saturday 10 July until Monday 30 August

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Meetings at " The café of La Versiliana" Season 2021

From 10-07-2021 to 30-08-2021

Many themes, many guests for the many scheduled meetings, from literature to medicine, from economics to entertainment ....

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Puccini Festival 2021

From 22-07-2021 to 23-08-2021

"Tanti Baci" is the title of the 67th edition of the Puccini Festival which will bring the operas to the stage in the suggestive setting of the open-air theater on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli.

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