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Tribute to the Artisans

From 05-06-2022 to 02-10-2022

Marina di Pietrasanta

Via Versilia and Pontile

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Lucca Summer Festival 2022

From 25-06-2022 to 24-07-2022

Lucca city center from 25 June to 24 July

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From 25-06-2022 to 17-07-2022

The artist Yinon Gal-On exhibits his works in the Sala delle Grasce in Sant'Agostino.

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Dap Festival - Dance in Art in Pietrasanta

From 26-06-2022 to 09-07-2022

International Festival of Dance and Visual Arts - VI Edition

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La Versiliana Festival - Season 2022

From 01-07-2022 to 31-08-2022

Looking forward to receiving the complete program for next season, we bring you some shows!

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Wonder of Love

From 01-07-2022 to 18-09-2022

The works of Marco Cornini await us in Piazza Carducci, Piazza del Duomo, in the Church and in the Chapter and Putti Rooms of the Cloister of Sant'Agostino

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Il Tridente

From 02-07-2022 to 24-07-2022

Collective exhibition of Fernanda Botti, Fabrizio Del Tessa, Luciano Guglielmini

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From 02-07-2022 to 17-07-2022


Saturday 2 July from 17.00 to 24.00

Sunday 3 July from 10.00 to 24.00

Fiumetto, Piazza D'Annunzio

Arti e Sapori - Craft market and typical products

Saturday 16 July from 9.30 to 24.00

Sunday 17 July from 9.30 to 20.00

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Antique dealers in Pietrasanta

From 03-07-2022 to 03-07-2022

Antiques market in Piazza Statuto from 10.00 to 22.00

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The Nights of Archeology

From 05-07-2022 to 19-07-2022

"Bruno Antonucci" Versilian Archaeological Museum, Palazzo Moroni, Piazza Duomo at 9.30 pm

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The Musical Thursdays of Sant'Antonio

From 07-07-2022 to 08-09-2022

The "Giulio Rospigliosi" Culture and Music Association organizes every year beautiful concerts in the hall of the Teatro Sant 'Antonio in Marina di Pietrasanta Via Verdi 15 

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Puccini Festival 2022

From 15-07-2022 to 27-08-2022

The beautiful works of Masetro Puccini will be staged from 15 July to 27 August

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Meetings with the author

From 15-07-2022 to 21-07-2022

The most recent works presented by their authors

15 July Giampaolo Simi - Without saying goodbye (Sellerio Editions, 2022)

21 July Chiara Tagliaferri - Witch commands (Mondadori, 2022)

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Pietrasanta in Concert Edition 2022

From 22-07-2022 to 31-07-2022

The international event conceived by Michael Guttman, very famous violinist and conductor will take place as every year in the splendid Pietrasanta ....prestigious artists who will perform!

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Giosue' Carducci International Award

From 27-07-2022 to 27-07-2022

With over 60 years of history, the Carducci Prize is the recognition of the first Italian Nobel Prize for literature

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Jova Beach Party 2 - Edition 2022

From 02-09-2022 to 03-09-2022

The big party of Jovanotti is back .....

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Pietrasanta Author Cinema

From 25-10-2022 to 27-10-2022

The day of October 25 will be dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini while the day of October 26 will be dedicated to Elio Petri.

On Thursday 27 October the event will close with a meeting with all the guests who participated.

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