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From 24-06-2023 to 31-12-2024

Exhibitio by Tano Pisano, tribute to Picasso 50 years after his death

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Pietrasanta municipal cinema

From 31-10-2023 to 31-12-2024

Piazza Duomo 14 Pietrasanta

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Antique dealers in Pietrasanta

From 17-01-2024 to 31-12-2024

Every first Sunday of the month in Piazza Statuto in Pietrasanta

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Sculptural works by great artists - Installations

From 02-04-2024 to 06-10-2024

Beautiful setups in Marina and in the center of Pietrasanta

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WORLDS BEYOND WORDS/new rituals for an archaelogy of the future

From 06-04-2024 to 06-11-2024

Exhibition project curated by Francesco Ghizzani Marcìa and Alessandro Romanini at the Versilia Archaeological Museum "Bruno Antonucci" in Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta

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From 03-05-2024 to 30-06-2024

Permanent collection - documentary video projection

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Events at MuSa

From 05-05-2024 to 21-06-2024

MuSa Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture Via Sant'Agostino 61, Pietrasanta



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Summer 2024 - Marina di Pietrasanta

From 18-05-2024 to 01-09-2024

Crafts, entertainment, shows for adults and children!

1 and 2 June - Made in Italy Festival

6 and 7 July - Organic and Nature

3 and 4 August - Pietrasanta for Kids August

31st and September 1st - Vintage and Vinyl



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Antiques in Tonfano - Summer antiques fair

From 25-05-2024 to 25-08-2024

Antiques, modern, vintage and design

May 25th and 26th

June 22nd and 23rd

27 and 28 July

24 and 25 August

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Lucca Summer Festival 2024

From 02-06-2024 to 26-07-2024

Lucca city center from 2 June to 26 July

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The Instinct of Form

From 03-06-2024 to 30-06-2024

Retrospective by VINICIO ROVAI

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From 03-06-2024 to 30-06-2024

Personal exhibition by PAOLO LAZZERINI

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The First Summer Festival 2024

From 14-06-2024 to 24-06-2024

BussolaDomani  Park  ..... a musical holiday full of fun!

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From 15-06-2024 to 22-09-2024

Personal exhibition of PARK EUN SUN

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From 15-06-2024 to 10-07-2024

Art collective - Painting, sculpture, kinetic art by the Ass. Cultural Promo-terr

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Path to Images - the fashion, the figure and the abstraction of Carmen Hernandez

From 16-06-2024 to 07-07-2024

Hall of San Leone Via Garibaldi 70, Pietrasanta

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Art and the Cosmos - Angelo Mugnaini

From 16-06-2024 to 07-07-2024

Sala delle Grasce "Luigi Russo" cultural center, Pietrasanta

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Arena della Versilia - Vibe Festival 2024

From 17-06-2024 to 16-08-2024

The Arena della Versilia reopens hosting a festival with an international flavour, which will become the undisputed protagonist of unmissable nights, including concerts and entertainment, dedicated in particular to the youth world with the aim of making the Versilian summer shine with lots of music while respecting and appreciating the territory .

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The Musical Thursdays of Sant'Antonio

From 20-06-2024 to 12-09-2024

The "Giulio Rospigliosi" Culture and Music Association organizes beautiful concerts every year in the open space of the Sant'Antonio Theater in Marina di Pietrasanta, Via Verdi 15

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From 21-06-2024 to 21-06-2024

Music of all genres, in various points of the city, on the occasion of International Music Day

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Markets in Fiumetto

From 22-06-2024 to 18-08-2024

Piazza D'Annunzio in Fiumetto 

June 22-23

July 13-14

July 27-28

August 17-18

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5th International Organ Festival - City of Pietrasanta

From 22-06-2024 to 06-07-2024

Cathedral of San Martino, Pietrasanta, 9.15pm

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Dap Festival - Dance in Art in Pietrasanta

From 23-06-2024 to 05-07-2024

International Festival of Dance and Visual Arts - VIII Edition

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From 29-06-2024 to 07-07-2024

Personal exhibition by ROBERTO FIASELLA

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La Versiliana Festival - Season 2024

From 01-07-2024 to 31-08-2024

La Versiliana Foundation presents a very rich program of events for the 2024 season ....





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Puccini Festival 2024

From 12-07-2024 to 07-09-2024

From 12 July to 7 September the beautiful operas of Maestro Puccini and other shows will be on stage

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Pietrasanta in Concert Edition 2024

From 12-07-2024 to 22-07-2024

The international event conceived by Michael Guttman, very famous violinist and conductor will take place as every year in the splendid Pietrasanta ....prestigious artists who will perform!

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Seravezza Blues Festival 2024

From 15-07-2024 to 22-07-2024

Medici Palace Park, Seravezza

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Villa Bertelli Live 2024

From 02-08-2024 to 22-08-2024

Season 2024


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From 13-09-2024 to 15-09-2024

Market show with high quality handcrafted products and a taste of Christmas with decorations, decorations and lots of gift ideas.

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Sports Festival 2024

From 21-09-2024 to 22-09-2024

Località Tonfano, Piazza XXIV Maggio and the surrounding areas, including the pier square and via Donizetti, two days dedicated to 360° sport which transforms Marina di Pietrasanta into a large sports center for all ages and passions.

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Sportcity Day 2024

From 22-09-2024 to 22-09-2024


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Francigena Tuscany Marathon 2024

From 29-09-2024 to 29-09-2024

The Francigena Tuscany Marathon is organized by the Friends of the Via Francigena Pietrasanta Association.

Departure from the Cathedral of San Martino Pietrasanta.

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Viareggio Carnival 2025

From 08-02-2025 to 04-03-2025

The gigantic papier-mâché floats parade along the Viali a Mare in Viareggio

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