Marina di Pietrasanta, The Sea

Versilia boasts large equipped beaches that can be easily reached by car or by bike. People usually go to the beach in the morning and stay with their feet in the sand until late at night. During the day it is pleasant to sunbathe and cool off in the water; then, as evening falls, the atmosphere becomes magical, so it is natural to enjoy an aperitif by the sea, watch the sunset and have dinner directly on the beach. And what's better than ending the evening dancing barefoot on the sand? The bathing establishments,over one hundred those present in Marina di Pietrasanta represented by the Consorzio Mare Versilia, offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea in all ways, thanks to the many services and hospitality typical of our areas. In addition to the classic equipment such as umbrellas, tents, deck chairs and sun loungers, and cabins, it is also possible to find swimming pools, tennis courts, children's play areas, pedal boat rental and the possibility of practicing water sports; in short, there is no risk of getting bored! Directly on the beach you will find bars and restaurants, often also open for dinner, where you can eat the typical local fresh fish and where you can enjoy many parties organized to dance until dawn in the pleasant night breeze.

In summer it is natural to spend most of the day at the sea, where the fine sandy beaches are wide and comfortable, the waters are almost always calm and also ideal for children or for those who do not want to venture offshore. Their typical conformation allows you to choose whether to swim up to the buoys or take a refreshing bath closer to the shore, the seabed in fact degrades slowly.

It is truly a perfect place for all ages thanks to the endless possibilities it offers.

When you think of the sea, it is natural to associate it to the word summer, but the beaches of Versilia attract visitors in every season of the year. In spring, with the arrival of the first warm sun, it is typical to find people enjoying the warmth, perhaps reading a book, walking or simply sitting and contemplating the sea.

Even in autumn and winter the sea fascinates tourists and locals and many take advantage of the storm surges to practice surfing or sailing, others admire the backdrop of the Apuan Alps, sometimes painted in white snow, while walking by the sea enjoying the scent and the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

It is not uncommon to see people rushing to the beaches in time to witness breathtaking sunsets.

The environment is also perfect for children to play outdoors or to spend moments of fun with their four-legged friends.

Versilia is not just the sea, but our sea has a hypnotic charm that is seasonless